Body reset: Directions for Body Reset Feldenkrais classes

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Hi all - I'll be overseas 5 July to 19 August. During this period classes continue (thank you Irene and Travina) but of course no individual sessions.
Kind regards, Conrad


7pm Tuesday evenings for 45 to 60 minutes, every week


Pataka museum in central Porirua, in the Education Space room. Evening access to the Education Space is through the iron gate at the south-west corner of Pataka closest to the Arena, as illustrated in the satellite photo here (thank you Google for the images).

Park in the Arena (or Harvey Norman) carpark and walk to the closest (south-west) corner of Pataka, or walk from Norrie street between the south side of Pataka and the skate board park.


$15 per class, first class free

What to wear

Ordinary, comfortable, everyday clothes, that won't restrict movement

What to bring

If you would like to bring your own mat or large towel to lie on please do, but I have a number of mats for use. Most important, bring a willingness to spend an hour focusing on yourself rather than the troubles of the day

What to do after

Ideally, don't plan anything for immediately after a class: give yourself some quiet time to absorb the learnings of the class into your daily habits


Phone or text me on 021 843 467, or email


Check the classes page at, or subscribe to my e-mail list, in case (heaven forbid) I have had to cancel a class


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