According to Conrad

[The German people] do not engage in arable farming; milk, cheese and meat form the greater part of their nourishment

Julius Ceaser (quoted in Walker 2003)


Dairy is very suspect. We did not evolve to eat milk after weaning, nor to ingest non-human milk. Diary contains fat, protein and sugars, notably lactose. Dairy fat is fine, assuming organic etc. Dairy protein is dubious, especially casein. If you think you're lactose tolerant, consider the implications of scary figure 1. If you eat diary:

Grass-fedbeforecorn (or anything else unnatural to the species) fed. Mind you, grass is not the natural diet of bovines, which prefer tree leaves and shrubs. Goats are probably the milk yielders least touched by selection for yield quantity and ...
Organicbeforethe pesticide and antibiotic-laden, of course
Full fatbeforelow fat, fat-free etc.
Non-Fresian cows, or non-cowsbeforeFresian cows (see Gully)

My take:

  • I use organic butter and cream. Milk fats are fine, and butter from grass-fed animals is Weston Price's wonder-food. He referred to the secret ingredient as activator X, now thought to be, or at least to include, long forms of vitamin K2.
  • I eat cheese, ideally raw and non-Fresian. This is still active research for me - I'd be interested in a source of the variety of animal particular cheeses are from. Brie is reportedly high in vitamin K2, according to Rheaume-Bleue
  • Nothing else dairy
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