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To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art

La Rochefoucauld, 17th century

The results in a nutshell

My key conclusions:

  • Nutrition is really important and really complicated. Homo sapiens has evolved to eat real, natural food and a wide variety of it. All nutrients interrelate in complex ways. We are being exposed to more and more substances that are new to our species. Eat unprocessed, organic, traditional and free-range whenever you can.
  • Cholesterol is good for you. The reason that cholesterol has been singled out as the heart attack culprit is that it's correlated with heart attacks and is easy to measure. The cause of heart attack is autoimmunie failure. Cholesterol is the cell-wall repairer that congregates to repair the damage. Reducing cholesterol to stop heart attacks is like reducing firemen to stop fires.
  • Saturated fats are good for you. We have eaten them as our preferred food for millennia. A few decades of bad science and misguided public health policy does not change our physiology.
  • Grains are bad for you. We have not adapted to the cereal or bread age. Carbohydrates have one and only one redeeming feature: they are cheap.
  • Dairy products can be bad for you - dairy fats and some cheeses are OK, avoid the rest...
  • The calorific balance formula is untrue. It seems so plausible, the conventional wisdom that the difference between energy in and energy out ends up as fat. This is not how our biology works. Calories are not equal - the body converts carbohydrates into fat, not fat into fat, and the conversion rate has little to do with exercise.
  • Good advice is very hard to get. The offical line of governments, doctors and dieticians is dangerously wrong, and while it is turning, it is so deeply embedded it could take a generation or more. So who do you trust for your advice today? I recommend you do what I did - read and reason extensively on this critical issue.

Read on for my take on different food types...

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