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Spirits of the air

Useful weather and related links, for a world centred on Titahi Bay, of course.

now graphicWindy.com
  overviewAnalysis, Rain radar, Observations including Brothers and Mana (at bottom)
  localWeather watch, Metservice, Mana wind (restricted access), Plimmerton, Kapiti, Worser Bay, Other, Tawa, Wind.co.nz, Strathmore, Wellington windfinder, Water quality
  camerasLocal, Titahi Bay, Mana (select Mana Island 1),Beacon hill, Motorway Kaiwharawhara, Citylink cams
days marineTitahi Bay, Mana, Mana Island, Cook, Kapiti, Wellington, SwellMap, Surf
  landWellington region, city, Newswire, Blenheim, MetDirect and Log (both restricted access), BOM, ECMWF
  mountainMet Tararua, Yo Tararua
  mapsAnalysis, BOM 4-days
week  MetRain, NCEP, VUW, Weatherbug
fortnight  Metdirect: fortnight, charts (restricted access), ECMWF, Yr.no Titahi Bay, French Pass
wind & wave Titahi Bay, Magic seaweed, Predict wind, WindGuru, MetService, SwellMap, Wind.co.nz, Wind.co.nz/region, Global (other views)
tides Porirua, local, NZ LINZ, Tidal streams, NIWA NZ forecaster and king tides, global
moonThis month, phases, astronomicals, graphical moon calendar
links Weather charts, Mana, Plimmerton, Worser Bay, Waikawa
Cook Strait Analysis, VUW, Brothers forecast 1, 2, Koamaru, Cook, Brothers and Mana observations, Porirua tides, Fisherman's tides, ToryChannel

Treat with caution for, as the Tibetans say, only the spirits of the air know what will be tomorrow.

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