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On G-day eve, soak overnight beans of whatever political persuasion. Throughout G-day, simmer them with bacon bones in chicken stock.

At G minus a few hours, chop a chook's limbs and breasts off and brown them in oil, with slices of smoked sausage. Make up a roux in your big, black Gumbo pot: best to use flour already baked a rich brown. Throw in slices of the holy trinity - onion, celery and green peppers or capsicums. Brown them until floppy. Pour in the beans, bacon and stock, and throw in the bird carcass. Flavour with Tabasco and any powder thats red and begins with 'c'. Add bay leaves, basil and so on if you're feeling creative. Slice some okra finely, fry separately until no longer sticky, and slither that in too.

Stir from time to time, or the fat will rise to the surface, and the lady of the house might see it. When the meat starts falling off the bones, remove them, pull off the meat, and throw it back.

At G-30 minutes, throw in the chicken pieces and sausage. Pour another glass of wine. Warm some bowls. Cook up some rice, or just throw in the pot.

At G-hour, wolf it down with French bread and anything else that comes to hand. If anyone complains that their greens are overcooked, sprinkle slices of spring onion on their helping, and don't invite them back.

J F Watson recorded in 1805 that gumbo is made of every eatable substance. Such restrictions are now relaxed, as evidenced by this sign from a Florida ale house.

All unattended children will be turned into gumbo

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