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Pork and ginger

With your rice boiling on the side:

  • Chop the
    • garlic
    • ginger into matchsticks, heaps of them
    • pork into thin (but not too thin) chunks
    • greens into lengths a handspan long, discarding any thick stalks
  • In the wok:
    • fry the garlic and ginger mix until starting to brown
    • use a little more oil than usual as the ginger sucks it up
    • add the pork and fry until cooked, but pork still moist inside
  • Place pork mix in serving bowl
  • Now to wok the greens:
    • Add some oil and reheat
    • Add greens and stir until they start to cackle
    • Add homemade chicken stock (but water will suffice) and a wok lid to sauna them - judge water amount so no liquid left when greens are cooked
  • Serve
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