FIW19 - Feldenkrais Intensive, Wellington, 6-8 April 2019 (date tbc)

Our fifth annual intensive: the first four have been hugely popular. In this three-day workshop, four of New Zealand’s experienced Feldenkrais teachers will take you through a series of twelve lessons over three days. Having these lessons in succession minimises the re-emergence of old habits and multiplies many-fold the power of the learning.

See the FIW18 flyer for details (FIW19 flyer in preparation). I organise this event for the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild, so contact me about it, or

Day 1 What am I doing here? This is crazy, we aren't doing anything. It is all so light and airy
Day 2 Something is happening - home to sleep 10.5 hours
Day 3 Transforming: I feel lighter - the floor is softer - I have grown 2 inches in posture and brain is open
Teresa FIW participant

Feldenkrais professional training, Auckland, 2015 - 2018

The first training in New Zealand since I did mine, started in Auckland in September 2105. Four years, and a truly life-changing experience. See the website. Although it's already started, it is possible I think to join still, with some catch-up provisions.