FIW21 - Feldenkrais Intensive, Wellington, Saturday 17 to Monday 19 April 2021

Given the Covid situation we have been deciding whether or not to hold our much-loved Wellington Feldenkrais Intensive in 2021. It was of course cancelled for Covid reasons in 2020. We have decided to proceed, but only if there is enough confirmed interest

In general, event attendance has been down in recent months and this may continue into the New Year. This creates the risk that FIW21 attendance may be too low to make it viable. Normally we have an early-bird registration of 31 March, so it’s not until then that we have firm, committed numbers: to date, we have always had enough. This year, our cunning plan is to:

Our sixth annual intensive: the first five have been hugely popular (alas the 2020 event was Covid-cancelled). In this three-day workshop, four of New Zealand’s experienced Feldenkrais teachers will take you through a series of twelve lessons over three days. Having these lessons in succession minimises the re-emergence of old habits and multiplies many-fold the power of the learning.

See our flyer for details. I organise this event for the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild, so contact me about it, ideally using my email.

Day 1 What am I doing here? This is crazy, we aren't doing anything. It is all so light and airy
Day 2 Something is happening - home to sleep 10.5 hours
Day 3 Transforming: I feel lighter - the floor is softer - I have grown 2 inches in posture and brain is open
Teresa FIW participant