Body reset

Thanks for visiting: group classes are back in Whitireia campus room D110 from 16 November as hybrid physical and Zoom classes. Last class of 2021 is on 14 December 2021. Individual sessions open. See you soon,
Stay safe, be kind to yourself, and keep moving - regards, Conrad

Welcome: I give individual sessions and teach group classes in the Feldenkrais Method. I brand this as Body Reset, as that is the effect that the method has.

The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle but amazingly effective way of re-programming your central nervous system (in effect, your brain) to rid your self of the bad postural habits of injury, misuse, neglect and age.

It's a common mistake to think mind and body are separate, and that improving your 'body' requires stretching and exercising particular muscles as if they were isolated components of a machine. Think of the complex co-ordination of hundreds of muscles across your body required for even a simple movement, say walking. The Feldenkrais Method deliberately and ingeniously targets enduring improvement to your overall controlling 'software' rather than short-lived pain relief to parts of your 'hardware'.

Feldenkrais is the thinking person's way to:

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