Body reset

Thanks for visiting: group classes in Whitireia campus Porirua with a Zoom option, 5:30pm every Tuesday. See you soon,
Stay safe, be kind to yourself, and keep moving - regards, Conrad

Welcome: I give individual sessions and teach group classes in the Feldenkrais Method. I brand this as Body Reset, as that is the effect that the method has.

The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle but amazingly effective way of re-programming your central nervous system (in effect, your brain) to rid your self of the bad postural habits of injury, misuse, neglect and age.

It's a common mistake to think mind and body are separate, and that improving your 'body' requires stretching and exercising particular muscles as if they were isolated components of a machine. Think of the complex co-ordination of hundreds of muscles across your body required for even a simple movement, say walking. The Feldenkrais Method deliberately and ingeniously targets enduring improvement to your overall controlling 'software' rather than short-lived pain relief to parts of your 'hardware'.

Feldenkrais is the thinking person's way to:

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